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      Hi, thank for visiting my page. I'm Toni Wilderspin, founder of Wild Spider Designs and I'd love to share with you a little about my company.
      What started off as pipe dream has become a reality over the past four years. From what began as a 'would people like this', has turned into a fully-grown business and what I love more than creating craft products for the hundreds of thousands of craft enthusiasts out there, is knowing that these products are making the lives of crafters that little bit easier.    
      My background is simple. I've loved crafting since I was a child and it's always been in and around my life. After helping a close friend with her wedding stationery, I was reminded of how in love with crafting I was. My nights out became my nights in and all of a sudden, friends and family were starting to get birthday and Christmas cards with that homemade feel to them. My fire had been lit.
      Fast forward ten years and ideas that were shared and spoke about with my friends, my husband and my 7-month bump were starting to become a reality. Even the arrival and slight distraction of my non-sleeping albeit gorgeous little boy didn't deter me from sharing my idea with a larger and more targeted audience.
      I joined the Association For Creative Industries UK who encouraged me to go in front of the Crafty Dragons at the AFCI One Big Show with my idea for Sticky Roll. After plucking up the courage (and to be honest, I did need some help in that department!) I went along to the show and braved the Crafty Dragons! The idea was snatched up by one of the Dragons and our adventure began!
      A couple of years on and it seems that a large quantity of people are loving Sticky Roll as much as I do. So much that I've been able to fulfil an ambition of demonstrating live on Create and Craft, an experience that I will never forget and continue to love. In 2018 I decided to take some time out as another special delivery arrived.


       Along with my expanding range of products, I'm currently working on lots of new ideas, all will be revealed very soon, which is very exciting!

      And now it also seems, I have an extra helper!