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        Hi, thank for visiting my page. I'm Toni  Wilderspin, founder of Wild Spider Designs  and creator of Sticky Roll, and I'd love to share with you a little about me and my company.

       I've loved crafting since I was a child, it's always been a part of my life in some form or another, and after helping my friend with her wedding stationery, I was reminded just how much I loved to create.


      My nights out became my nights in and all of a sudden, friends and family were starting to get birthday and Christmas cards with that homemade feel to them. My fire had been lit, before long I was getting commissions from friends, co-workers and businesses. Sticky Roll began as a solution to my own crafty problem, it was taking far too long to stick down my shapes, it was fiddly and messy, and then no matter how carefully I placed the shapes down, the result was usually a splodgy mess and not at all the clean professional finish I was looking for!

      So I looked for a solution, punch sheets were great, but I needed a lot, it just needs to be on a roll I thought, so I began to hunt for that roll. No one sold them, no-one made them, or wanted to. Until I found a wonderful, UK company that would. I ordered the minimum allowed (8 x 50m rolls!) and began my love affair with one of the simplest yet most effective items you can have in your craft stash.

      I kept this crafting gem to myself for several years, discovering more and more it could be used for, then in 2016, whilst on maternity leave, my idea turned into another thought, 'would other crafters like this as much as I do?'   

      I joined an association who encouraged me to go in front of the Crafty Dragons at a craft industry event with my idea for Sticky Roll. After plucking up the courage (and to be honest, I did need some help in that department!) I went along to the show and braved the Crafty Dragons! The idea was snatched up by one of the Dragons and the adventure began!

      Sticky Roll was first seen on Create and Craft TV in November of 2016, demonstrated by myself, and happily this revolutionary new product sold out within the first hours of it being on air, and it continued to do so time and time again.

      Seven years on and people are still loving Sticky Roll as much as I do, as well as many of the other products I've developed and added to the Wild Spider collection!

      I now get to show Sticky Roll on air with Hobby Maker, and I get to demonstrate to, educate and meet the thousands of amazing and inspiring crafters out there, at craft shows across the country.

      Along with my expanding range of products (and family!) I'm working on lots of new crafty ideas, and I can't wait to share them with you!

      And now it also seems, I have some extra help!