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    So how did Sticky Roll come about? In 2012, like many other crafters, alongside work I was making cards to sell and also running a small wedding stationery business, all helped by my trusty Craft Robo cutting machine!
    It was while I was making Christmas cards for a friends business that I decided there had to be an easier way of sticking down intricate shapes! I would spend ages putting microscopic blobs of wet glue on each shape for it to either not stick down properly or for the glue to still manage to seep through the sides, both outcomes in my opinion leaving an unprofessional looking finish, I just wanted it to be as easy as peeling off a sticker!
    Once I'd decided that the answer to my problem was to make my card self-adhesive, I went about trying to find the product that would do just that. The single A4 sheets looked brilliant, but as they were already cut to size I found that limiting, I need it on a roll so I can pick my own size I thought, that I found, just didn't exist! So after much research I finally found an amazing UK manufacturer that was willing to make me some rolls!
    My rolls were a revelation to me, they worked perfectly with my cutting machine and made my crafting so much faster and easier, I was a very happy crafty bunny! Then I decided to take the leap in to die-cutting, and to my delight my rolls worked beautifully with this method of cutting too! In the following years I discovered that not only was it great for sticking stuff down, but also for sticking stuff on to.
    All I can really say is, as a crafter, I love my Sticky Roll. It's made me use mediums and techniques I never thought I'd be interested in trying, dig products out of the cupboard that I'd long forgotten about, and overall it's done nothing but inspire me to create more....
    And I can't believe it took me so long to wonder if other crafters would love it as much as I do!