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    Craft Rescue Goody Bags

    1 x A4 Sticky Roll

    1 x Tube of 6 pots of Glitter and/or Flock (Your choice of colours)

    1 x Pot of mixed Gems

    1 x Brushes 

    If you have children in the household that are going to need a whole lot of occupying for the next however long, then this is an absolute essential bag of crafting goodies.


    What’s in the bag?!

    Sticky Roll is a 10-meter-long roll of double-sided tape (so it’s gonna last ages!) and is the ultimate mess free glue for sticking things down and for sticking things to!

    Apply it to the back of card or paper and you have stickers, you have collages, you have no wet glue stuck to fingers or clothes.

    Apply glitter, flock, paper, magazine cuttings, gems, beads (and anything else) to it and it will stay in place and you will have no wet glue dropped on your carpet, and on top of that, no drying time!

    Tube of glitter/flock in your choice colours (because your kids know what they like!)

    6 x 10ml pots of glitter and/or flock will give their creations sparkle and texture and come in a very handy, clear storage tube, which opens at each end (just in case the one you want is at the bottom) keeping all those little pots in a safe place for their next crafting session.

    And if you’re wondering what flock is exactly, it’s tiny little fibres which creates a lovely velvety feel and is best applied through a sieve or tea strainer (yes, the one from the kitchen will do just fine, and it makes it even more fun!) Want to make a furry pink rabbit sticker? Now you can!

    Pot of mixed gems – 1 x 10ml pot of mixed gems, this is a pot called Surprise Me because it’s a whole pot of surprises! I’ve mixed all the gems up and taken a scoop because that way there is a whole range of colours and sizes to choose from rather than be restricted. We all want choice, and this is a pot of choice!

    Brushes – We all love glitter, but we don’t want it shedding off our child’s marvellous creation in droves, so instead we have lovely little brushes which will sweep away the excess glitter from the crafty item, put it back in the pot and save a lot of hoovering!

    Masking Sheets - The masking sheets look really boring, but they are so useful and can be used to create patterns, make stencils and can be used to store any stickers without the backing paper (you, or) your child has made ready for sticking down!

    Bag of Sticky Roll covered shapes - The free shapes mean they can get decorating and sticking straight away and will also give your child some ideas of other things they can create.